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Iris and Tao: More Than Meets the Eye!

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When you envision your deepest hopes for the future, do you ever stop short? Do you belittle your dreams, thinking that they are too “unrealistic” or too “silly?”  Does the judging voice inside your head ever say, “It’s too late to try something different” or “I’m too old to start anew”?   I’m hoping that…

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Wake Those Sleeping Giants — Rediscover Your Dreams

Writing a blog post every week isn’t always easy. Some weeks the thoughts and words just flow. Other times, not so much. Writing this week’s post was one of those—a not so much. Actually, it was a real struggle.   I ended last week’s blog with a promise for a Part Two, a continuation of…

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Lose the “Shoulds” and Rewrite The Script

Like most people, I like to play around with Google. Put a few keywords into that baby and see what comes up. A few days ago, I Googled “Women in Their 50s.” I wasn’t surprised by what I saw. The top 10 hits included articles about health, sex, and fashion—in that order. I was surprised,…

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