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Archive for May 2022

How Many More Will We Be Asked to Remember?

It’s Memorial Day, a day on which we honor those who died in active military service. It’s also a day I can’t stop thinking about the schoolchildren who were gunned down by a young man carrying military style weapons. Some Numbers To put things in perspective (if that’s even remotely possible), I’m going to start…

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HOPE — It’s Not For The Faint Of Heart

I’ve never been a doom and gloom type. Never. I know things can get pretty bleak and very complicated—I see that. And still. Still. I’ve always held onto hope. Hope (according to dictionary.com) is “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best” That definition doesn’t…

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It is impossible to read Christopher Soto’s debut poetry collection without having a visceral reaction. Diaries of a Terrorist, out this month from Copper Canyon Press, is not a collection of pretty poems, though there is great beauty in Soto’s words and deep courage in his vulnerability. This is a book that will move you—rock you.…

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Interview With Robyn Strauss

Robyn Strauss is a fitness and health enthusiast who teaches fun, inclusive exercise classes for all levels. Now teaching exclusively in Wynmoor Village, a 55+ community, Robyn took time out of her busy day to speak with me about fitness as we age and the importance of finding a fitness routine that you love. (Robyn…

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