Diane Gottlieb writes open-hearted stories about people in pain who choose to grow.

Diane Gottlieb

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I’m a writer, educator, mom, grandma, wife, friend—who’s terminally curious. I love to learn, explore, and share with others what I discover. Oh—I also love birds, trees, lizards, and supporting writers, readers, and all kinds of kind and courageous people.

I write flash fiction, essays, and dabble in poetry. My work has appeared in River Teeth, Huff Post, SmokeLong Quarterly, The Rumpus, Split Lip, Barrelhouse, among others, and has recently been selected for inclusion in the 2023 Best Microfiction anthology. I am the Prose and Nonfiction Editor of Emerge Literary Journal, the editor of Awakenings: Stories of Body & Consciousness (Oct 2023), and on the Hippocampus Magazine reviews team.

Latest Publications

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I’d always avoided thrift shops. I never wanted used clothes. I feared ...
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The Only Thing Left, How Does It Feel in Identity Theory

The Best 22-Word Poems Of 2022     ( 1st Prize)   The ...
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