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Greta on Giving–Guest Blog Post by Greta Holt

Last week, I interviewed an amazing woman--Greta Holt. A deeply devoted Mennonite, Greta's religious beliefs inform her social activism. I became interested in learning more about Greta when I met her in a MasterMind group we both were a part of. I am grateful that our introduction at ...
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Interview With Greta Holt

This month's interview is with an amazing woman in her 70's--Greta Holt. ...
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Woman-on-Woman Bullying: An Affront to Sisterhood

Childhood bullying can have lasting effects on our self-esteem and relationships. Bullying, ...
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Effects of Childhood Bullying–The “Gift” That Keeps on Giving

It seems to me that the world is being taken over by ...
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