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My Philosophy

I believe that it’s never too late to grow! Studies have shown that learning new things about the world and about ourselves is essential to leading a healthy life—and to maintaining our health as we age.  When we’ve crossed the 50-threshold, we’re at the perfect learning juncture: we’ve had plenty of years under our belts, accrued a certain amount of hard-earned wisdom—and we’re often visited by a surprising restlessness—a stirring.

It’s that stirring that intrigues me. The voice inside that pushes us to be more, learn more. Rediscover.

Diane Gottlieb
Diane Gottlieb

Me and my honey

My recent rediscoveries

My 50-threshold was, indeed, life-changing. At age 53, I became a successful solo entrepreneur: I started an English tutoring business (LongIslandEnglishTutor.com). I married a wonderful man at 54 (we met on Match.com), bought a condo in Florida for future retirement at 55, and entered the MFA in creative writing program at Antioch University at 56!

Writing has always been a great love of mine. Putting words to paper has helped me through some tough times, both in my childhood and in my adult life. While I have previously considered myself a “dabbler,” I am currently turning that one around. At 57, I am finally calling myself a “writer” – a tall order and an identity I am thrilled to embody!

I am currently in the middle of writing two books—an action-packed murder mystery involving a grandmother-shaman-ghost, human trafficking, and teen-age love. The other is a work of nonfiction that raises issues close to my heart—issues of social justice and how we treat people on the margins. I could call it a murder story as well, but Coming Home spends more time honoring the life of the deceased, Deacon Patrick Logsdon, and the lives of the formerly incarcerated men whom he helped.

I also write short memoir pieces and guest blog for Lunch Ticket, a literary journal with a social justice mission. I serve as the journal’s lead editor of creative non-fiction.

Especially dear to my heart is this blog, WomanPause, where my focus is on women, who, like me, are ready to rediscover their passions!

I feel the stir, and I am embracing it—embracing my journey, yours, and ours.

Diane Gottlieb
Diane Gottlieb

Me 2003