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Archive for October 2018

It’s Time

It’s time. A turning point. For women. For this woman. Time. What is it? How is it measured? Of course, we know we measure time by minutes, hours, days. But how do we judge how well we use those days? Do we consciously know when “the time is right”—or ripe—for change? Or does something deep…

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Interview with Julia Caroline Knowlton

I met Julia on the first day of school—the first day of our MFA program at Antioch University Los Angeles—in June 2017. We both arrived early and were sitting in the campus courtyard when we struck up a conversation. Julia has since become one of my dearest friends.  She is generous, funny, and honest and…

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What’s in A Word? Much More Than We Think!

With Special Guest: Author Adrien Sdao   Waiting somewhat patiently at the information desk in my local Barnes & Noble a few months ago, I was accosted by a paperback displayed on a small table nearby. It literally grabbed my attention and has held it for quite some time. The book had a matte black…

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We Are Not Invisible!!! Connie Shultz—My New She-ro

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So … This is the first of my monthly posts where I will be recommending a book/article/poem written by a woman for women! Except—this week, I am not recommending a book/article/poem. Instead, I am suggesting/begging/pleading that you watch one or, preferably, both of these YouTube videos of talks given by my new she-ro: Connie Schultz.…

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