Diane Gottlieb writes open-hearted stories about people in pain who choose to grow.

Work with Me

I offer a variety of options to help guide you on your writing journey. Whether you’re just taking your first writing steps or are already halfway through your memoir or novel, I can provide inspiration, idea-generating prompts, and craft-based techniques that will help you bring your project to fruition.


I offer one-on-one, hourly appointments to discuss your work and keep your passion alive.

Idea Generation: You're feeling blocked. Or you have lots to say but don't know how to say it. What is the core of your project? Where does it live and breathe inside you? And how do you get it onto the page?

Shaping and Polishing Your Work: You have a gem, but it may still be in the rough. Let’s work together to shape and structure your drafts—whether they are your first or 20th!

After we shape, we polish. This stage includes line and copy edits, style and voice checks, and discussing publishing possibilities.


I would love to come as a guest to your writing group and offer a one-off seminar or a multi-session class or workshop.

Sample topics include:

  • Mirroring the Masters
  • Variations on Form
  • Writing Funny
  • Strong Characters, Strong Dialogue
  • Show It and Tell It: Finding the Balance
  • Writing the Hard Stuff—and the Very Hard Stuff.

If you have a craft element you’d like to explore individually or with your group, run it by me and we’ll see what we can work out!

Email me for rates and packages.