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Archive for November 2018

Interview with Patsy Mertz

Patsy Mertz, the founder of the Ivory Coast Mothers and Children organization and the Patricia Nau Clinic in Braffoueby, is truly an amazing woman over 50! Patsy gave up a glamorous job in the States to join the Peace Corps—at 55! And then, forever changed and inspired by the experience, she worked tirelessly to build…

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My Great Divide*

*This piece was first published in Lunch Ticket on August 11, 2017. I thought that this week, marked by the midterms, was the perfect time to revisit. Looking back on the past two years, I wonder how much has changed. We are still a country divided. Sometimes, our divides even split our families.  When I…

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Becoming Buddha – Lunch Ticket

Published on Lunch Ticket “I’m actually in the best place I’ve been in my whole life. Looking back—and forward—makes me appreciate just where I am. I’ve adopted a “Buddha mind”—a living-in-the-moment-unattached perspective, and it is blissful—much of the time. I am no longer beholden to my children in that day-to-day parenting grind. There was beautiful…

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The Ultimate “F” Word

Last week, we talked about time—and the exhaustion or urgency we feel when we are not using it wisely. We also touched the surface of fear.   Fear. The Ultimate “F” Word. It Can Do So Much Damage, Inhibit So Much Growth.   Have you ever stopped yourself from following your heart because you were…

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