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Interview With Sue Matthews

I’ve known Sue Matthews for many years. We both raised our kids in Edgemont, New York, and our oldest daughters were in the same grade. Life was good. Then, when Sue’s middle daughter Taylor was eleven years old, every mother’s nightmare became Sue’s reality: Taylor was diagnosed with cancer. Sue, along with her sister Andrea…

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“Age is No Barrier”

Sometimes, when I look through the paper, I come across articles that may be loosely related to many people but feel deeply connected to me. In his month’s book/article post, I’d like to share three such articles. They are all about women, older women, one of whom is much older than I imagine most of…

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Do You Believe You Can Change?

Do you believe you can change? Really believe you can change? Do you want to? Really want to? These are critical questions, and the answers hold the key to why we so often self-sabotage and to why we don’t keep our resolutions, whether we’ve made them at the New Year or at any other time.…

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New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Feel fully committed on New Year’s Eve, believe in your heart of hearts that “Yes! This is the year!” only to watch, by late January or February, the commitment train roll away without you, leaving you, along with millions of other would-be travelers in the dust? Are you jaded,…

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