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Archive for April 2019

Three Questions: Stacey Abrams’ Lessons on Resilience

Resilience. It’s a powerful word. When it rolls off the tongue, you know something big has gone down. The word itself commands respect and is loaded with depth and meaning. The concept, the process, of resilience fascinates me. Life. It’s about family and friends and friends who are family. It’s about purpose. Much of life…

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Interview With Deborah Briggs

Deborah’s Briggs is a certified Sage-ing Leader for Sage-ing International  (https://www.sage-ing.org), an organization “committed to transforming the current paradigm of aging to ‘sage-ing’  through  learning, community building and service.” Her Sage-ing skills are rooted by her MA in organizational psychology from Columbia University and the study and practice of spiritual, physical and intellectual approaches to aging with…

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Bored Enough?

Are you having trouble making an important decision?  Figuring out an answer to a significant life question? It could be that part of the struggle stems from the fact that you are not bored enough. Yes! Not bored enough. When was the last time you were really, truly, thoroughly bored? This may be difficult to…

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