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Archive for February 2021

Are Your Tarot Cards Judging You?

I pick a Tarot card every day for guidance and inspiration. One day last week, I picked The Sun from my go-to deck, the Hanson-Roberts. It’s a lovely card–naked baby on a horse riding under a huge sun and bright blue skies. I wanted so much to feel that warmth, the happiness, the smiley, innocent…

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Touching Fear–Guest Post with Nicky Mendenhall

When I read my friend Nicky Mendenhall’s December 4th blog post, I knew I had to ask her permission to repost it on WomanPause. I am grateful she said yes. We talk a lot about fear on WomanPause. I often borrow the title of that oldie-but-goodie book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and…

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