Diane Gottlieb writes open-hearted stories about people in pain who choose to grow.

Archive for May 2021

Curiosity Challenge — 2021

I’ve mentioned in a recent blog post  that I’d been experiencing some heightened anxiety. Nothing too intense but enough to make me wish it would just go away! I also mentioned, though, how important it is to sit with all of our feelings, no matter how uncomfortable that makes us. Pushing them away—or trying to—often…

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Dead Man’s Float – Longridge Review

I couldn’t bear to lose the race, but I couldn’t bear to win. I was 10. Summer at sleepaway camp, I stood by the pool. My toes curled tight against the lip, the concrete hot on my feet, the flesh on my thighs glued together. There was no diamond-shaped space between them, the space thinner…

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