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Archive for June 2021

The “R” Word–I See You!

So … here’s something we haven’t talked much about in WomanPause—the “R” word: REJECTION! I put it in all caps—and in bold—because that’s how big rejection can feel!   There’s rejection in love—ouch! Then there’s the rejection at job interviews or career setbacks, and the—all too common lately—rejection for having different political views. But there are…

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Private Parts – Hags On Fire

My peepee. That’s what I called it when I was nine or ten, when I watched Robert Wagner in “It Takes a Thief” on the other box in the room, my black and white TV with the clothes-hanger ears. It was dark in the living room and everyone else was someplace else, and I was…

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Interview with Cynthia Jones

I met Cynthia Jones in my very first writing workshop at Antioch. I remember being impressed with both her moving family memoir essay and her thorough and thoughtful feedback. We did not meet again until after we both graduated, two years later, in a workshop with our wonderful mentor Ana Maria Spagna. Cynthia and I are…

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