Diane Gottlieb writes open-hearted stories about people in pain who choose to grow.

Archive for July 2021

Sheroes For The Ages

I’m continually inspired by women—and am always on the lookout for wonderful stories about fabulous women who are moving through the world with spunk and courage. I’ve come across a few lately, from all walks of life, whose stories make me want to cheer, say thank you, or make me smile.   So … I…

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Interview With Dr. DeAnna Beachley

Dr. DeAnna Beachley is a very colorful woman! (Just look at her collection of socks below!) She’s a professor of history and women’s studies, a visual artist (photos of her work grace the interview), and poet. More recently, DeAnna has begun to see herself as an essayist–and a wonderful essayist she is, I might add!…

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