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Archive for March 2022

Say NO to Body Shame–Yours and Mine

Okay. I’ll admit it. I’ll confess. Sometimes, when I see plus-sized models, I snicker. Out loud. Sometimes, I comment. It’s never a nice comment. I’m not proud. I’m actually ashamed. And … but … that’s the last thing I should be. “Why?” you might ask. “Diane, that’s awful of you!” you might say. “You—who claim…

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Interview With Rebecca Kuder

Rebecca Kuder is a courageous writer, a woman who looks at the tough stuff in her life–and women’s lives–and doesn’t shy away! (Check out her essays “Hot Thing” and “Hot Thing #2 (2:30 a.m.)”  about menopause!) We talked about her writing, about mental health, about trauma, about bodies–and the importance of addressing one’s inner critic–literally.…

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