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Archive for November 2022

Interview With Kristina Saccone

I love when women see a need and take action to meet it. Kristina Saccone is a woman who did exactly that. When Kristina became a caregiver for her mom who has dementia, she looked for books and articles that could provide support and help her navigate what is often be a very isolating and lonely experience. She…

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Modeh-Ani in Barren Magazine

I started praying recently. Wake up each morning and say, Modeh ani lefanecha. Stretch the long “o” in modeh, linger on the “e” in ah-nee. I pray in Hebrew. A language I don’t understand. Ru’ach chai v’kayam   Friday evenings at sleep-away camp. The cafeteria, alive with kids. Loads of us: hormones, pimples, sweat. Some wore baby fat,…

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Interview With Melissa Hart

Melissa Hart! What a positive, joyful woman–and a wonderful writer and teacher who loves to lift up voices that might not otherwise be heard! Please join me as I talk with her about inclusion, empowerment, community, and diversity–all important themes in her middle-grade book coming out this week: Daisy Woodworm Changes the World . Diane: Welcome…

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