Diane Gottlieb writes open-hearted stories about people in pain who choose to grow.

What Is A Criminal? – Anthology Forthcoming 2022

“What Is a Criminal?” is a collection of essays by people who have knowledge of the U.S. criminal justice system from various perspectives—including people who have been incarcerated, people working in law and law enforcement, and scholarly researchers. It will be published by Routledge in 2022

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  1. Colleen Bell on August 25, 2022 at 7:50 pm

    I found you, Diane, through Lisa Cooper Ellison’s notes from your conference session titled, The “I” in Narrative Nonfiction: How to Tell Others’ Stories Without Taking Over or Getting in the Way. This looms large in what I’m currently working on.

    And THEN I found your website and see this forthcoming anthology. Do you know the work of Emily Baxter? She created a volume titled We Are All Criminals with photographs of a wide variety of people and their comments about criminality. The twist is that some of her subjects are serving time and some were never caught. It’s an eye-opener!

    • Diane Gottlieb on August 26, 2022 at 3:11 pm

      Hi Colleen! So very glad you found me! I wasn’t familiar with Emily Baxter’s book but will certainly check it out! I love this sharing of resources–and would love to hear more about your project! Please fill me in!

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