Diane Gottlieb writes open-hearted stories about people in pain who choose to grow.

Archive for June 2019

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Leaving Antioch And Taking With Me All I’ve Learned

It’s that time of year—graduation season. When you hear the word graduate what comes to mind? An eighteen-year-old going off to college in the fall? A college grad starting out in “the real world?” (Anybody besides me think of a young Dustin Hoffman and Katherine Ross—not to mention the incomparable Mrs. Robinson, Anne Bancroft?) Whatever…

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Interview with Sarita Sidhu

Sarita Sidhu! I loved her the minute I met her. Sarita is not only warm and outgoing, she is high energy, highly intelligent, and Funny with a capital “F”! I met Sarita at Antioch University just two years ago, and in that short time, she has enriched my life beyond measure. Sarita is a woman…

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Nuns and Nones–Intergenerational Connection to Celebrate

We are living in exciting times. Even with all the divisiveness and anger in the air, there is a quieter but no less powerful voice making itself heard. It’s a voice of connection, of trying new solutions to old problems—the voice of curiosity and experimentation. The quiet also reflects a deep listening—to other’s experiences and…

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Grow Bolder As You Grow Older

How important is your mindset? How much power does your belief system have over the quality of your life? If you believe psychologists, philosophers, and social scientists, the answer is quite a bit. We are under a constant information assault from the environment. In order for any of that incoming data to make sense, the…

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