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When You Write What Scares You—And Then See It in Print – Brevity

Thrilled to have this piece published in Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog! “We’ve all been told to write what scares us. But long held secrets, or whatever it is that scares you most, can do damage, when exposed. Those secrets are frightened animals with sharp claws and sharper teeth. Tread carefully—and be gentle—with yourself.” ~ Diane Gottlieb

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Becoming Buddha – Lunch Ticket

Published on Lunch Ticket “I’m actually in the best place I’ve been in my whole life. Looking back—and forward—makes me appreciate just where I am. I’ve adopted a “Buddha mind”—a living-in-the-moment-unattached perspective, and it is blissful—much of the time. I am no longer beholden to my children in that day-to-day parenting grind. There was beautiful…

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Progress? – Lunch Ticket

A tongue-in-cheek look in Lunch Ticket at our fascination with, and increasing dependence on, technological advances: “Certain parts of our memory are actually getting shorter. That’s because of what are known as transactive memory sources—we tend not to remember as much information when we rely on another to retrieve it. In other words, why bother…

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Musings of the Season – Lunch Ticket

A post on Lunch Ticket about technology yesterday and this morning we’re looking all the way back to the beginning of winter in this blog from our archives: “I work full time as an English tutor and I’m just finishing my busiest season of work. Starting mid-summer each year, I become swamped with rising seniors…

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