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Interview with Sarita Sidhu

Sarita Sidhu! I loved her the minute I met her. Sarita is not only warm and outgoing, she is high energy, highly intelligent, and Funny with a capital “F”! I met Sarita at Antioch University just two years ago, and in that short time, she has enriched my life beyond measure. Sarita is a woman…

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Nuns and Nones–Intergenerational Connection to Celebrate

We are living in exciting times. Even with all the divisiveness and anger in the air, there is a quieter but no less powerful voice making itself heard. It’s a voice of connection, of trying new solutions to old problems—the voice of curiosity and experimentation. The quiet also reflects a deep listening—to other’s experiences and…

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Grow Bolder As You Grow Older

How important is your mindset? How much power does your belief system have over the quality of your life? If you believe psychologists, philosophers, and social scientists, the answer is quite a bit. We are under a constant information assault from the environment. In order for any of that incoming data to make sense, the…

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College Blues–Graduation Green

I always buy lottery tickets. Twice a week, I lay down $4 and purchase one MegaMillions and one Powerball. “You gotta be in it to win it,” after all. I’m a Sucker for the Dream It’s great fun walking into the gas station shop on Lakeville Road or into the 7-11 by the Stewart Manor…

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Women Wolves and Wambach

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the stories we grew up with–and about the lessons we were supposed to glean from them. Some of the lessons were good ones and still hold their worth.   “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack,” is one of…

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Gratitude is Not Enough!

Jessica Bennett’s Gender Letter appeared in my inbox a few weeks ago. It was first published in the New York Times in May 2018, but I don’t question why it presented itself to me this April. Books and articles often pop up just at the perfect time. (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/31/us/abby-wambach-commencement-speeches-women.html) Bennett’s column has a provocative title: “Stop…

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Interview with Janet Rodriguez

Janet Rodriguez. I first met her at a Buddy Lunch at my second Antioch MFA residency. Returning students are paired with first semester students—buddies—to help show them the ropes. My own buddy was unable to make the luncheon, so I joined Janet and her assigned buddy Jerry. Our friendship was born! Janet is an amazing…

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All Aboard!

“It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.” Powerful quote. I’m pretty sure that when Ralph Waldo Emerson* spoke, or wrote, those words he was not thinking of a cruise ship. But, as saying goes, if the shoe fits … Steven and I just returned from a 5-day/4-night stay on—yes—a Carnival ship. “The Fun Ship” is…

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Three Questions: Stacey Abrams’ Lessons on Resilience

Resilience. It’s a powerful word. When it rolls off the tongue, you know something big has gone down. The word itself commands respect and is loaded with depth and meaning. The concept, the process, of resilience fascinates me. Life. It’s about family and friends and friends who are family. It’s about purpose. Much of life…

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Interview With Deborah Briggs

Deborah’s Briggs is a certified Sage-ing Leader for Sage-ing International  (https://www.sage-ing.org), an organization “committed to transforming the current paradigm of aging to ‘sage-ing’  through  learning, community building and service.” Her Sage-ing skills are rooted by her MA in organizational psychology from Columbia University and the study and practice of spiritual, physical and intellectual approaches to aging with…

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