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Sheroes For The Ages

I’m continually inspired by women—and am always on the lookout for wonderful stories about fabulous women who are moving through the world with spunk and courage. I’ve come across a few lately, from all walks of life, whose stories make me want to cheer, say thank you, or make me smile.   So … I…

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Interview With Dr. DeAnna Beachley

Dr. DeAnna Beachley is a very colorful woman! (Just look at her collection of socks below!) She’s a professor of history and women’s studies, a visual artist (photos of her work grace the interview), and poet. More recently, DeAnna has begun to see herself as an essayist–and a wonderful essayist she is, I might add!…

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The “R” Word–I See You!

So … here’s something we haven’t talked much about in WomanPause—the “R” word: REJECTION! I put it in all caps—and in bold—because that’s how big rejection can feel!   There’s rejection in love—ouch! Then there’s the rejection at job interviews or career setbacks, and the—all too common lately—rejection for having different political views. But there are…

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Interview with Cynthia Jones

I met Cynthia Jones in my very first writing workshop at Antioch. I remember being impressed with both her moving family memoir essay and her thorough and thoughtful feedback. We did not meet again until after we both graduated, two years later, in a workshop with our wonderful mentor Ana Maria Spagna. Cynthia and I are…

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Curiosity Challenge — 2021

I’ve mentioned in a recent blog post  that I’d been experiencing some heightened anxiety. Nothing too intense but enough to make me wish it would just go away! I also mentioned, though, how important it is to sit with all of our feelings, no matter how uncomfortable that makes us. Pushing them away—or trying to—often…

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Interview With Judy Bogen

Judy Bogen is quite the amazing woman! Through her own experience with breast cancer, she found her calling–helping others going through cancer treatment by changing their treatment environments. Judy researched, reached out, and realized her dream–Place2Heal. She dove right in, has never looked back–and has plenty more dreams to fulfill in the future. Thank you…

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The Superpower of Writing

March 25 was my father’s birthday. He would have been 99! Schaje Fuhrer (you can call him by his nickname—Isi) was a kind, gentle person, with a round tummy and a hearty laugh. Dad had a wonderful sense of humor, loved being a father, and was a feminist—back in the day. He also was a…

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Interview With Karen Solomon

Karen Solomon has been a dear friend for many years. Usually uncomfortable being in the center of things, Karen agreed to do this interview for WomanPause in the hopes she would help other readers. Karen is the mother of two adult sons, one of whom has autism. In our chat, Karen shares her journey–not an…

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Are Your Tarot Cards Judging You?

I pick a Tarot card every day for guidance and inspiration. One day last week, I picked The Sun from my go-to deck, the Hanson-Roberts. It’s a lovely card–naked baby on a horse riding under a huge sun and bright blue skies. I wanted so much to feel that warmth, the happiness, the smiley, innocent…

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Touching Fear–Guest Post with Nicky Mendenhall

When I read my friend Nicky Mendenhall’s December 4th blog post, I knew I had to ask her permission to repost it on WomanPause. I am grateful she said yes. We talk a lot about fear on WomanPause. I often borrow the title of that oldie-but-goodie book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and…

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