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Let Them Judge You–Guest Post by Sherry Danner

I rarely put up guest posts–in fact, since WomanPause’s inception, there’s only been one. But when I read Sherry Danner’s post on her website, I immediately reached out. Judgement. A loaded word. And Sherry handles all the implications with such great care, humor … and wisdom. I’ll let her take over from here. Thank you,…

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Interview With Jeanne M. Stafford

Jeanne M. Stafford! What a powerhouse! Facilitator, Improv lover, author—she wears many hats and they all suit her well! Everything she does stems from her belief in the power of YES. Whenever Jeanne faces adversity, she looks to the lesson the challenge presents and uses it as an opportunity to grow—an outlook after my own heart.…

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Interview With Jessica O’Dwyer

I met Jessica O’Dwyer when we were both MFA students at Antioch. I was immediately taken with her kind and giant heart—and her beautiful writing. Jessica’s award-winning  Mamalita   tells the story of the adoption of her daughter from Guatemala. Their adoption journey was quite the adventure! (Jessica later adopted a son, also from Guatemala—less of…

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Dating Over 50

I have to be honest. I am thrilled to be out of the dating game! (And did I mention happily married?)   I will be turning 60 at the end of the year, but I still clearly remember just 10 short years ago when I decided to throw my hat into the dating ring–and join…

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Interview With Sherry Danner

Sherry Danner is an amazing woman, who has lived life. She has certainly entered the arena of courage by sharing both her accomplishments and her challenges. Sherry has just launched Nurturing the Light Inside, a beautiful combination of self-help/memoir (known as a hybrid in the literary world) that I am certain will help many women who…

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We’ve all been having some difficult conversations lately. And between COVID, the divisiveness in our country,  the fires raging in CA and in our hearts, it’s hard not to feel anxious and depressed.   This week’s newsletter may not seem uplifting—at least on the surface. This week, I’m writing about trauma.   Trauma is possibly…

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Interview with Corinne Harmon

Corinne Harmon is one amazing and inspiring woman! Super accomplished in the field of education, she has led with integrity and the aim of change. And what a leader she is! Enduring death threats to herself and her family as the superintendent of the Special School District in St. Louis, Missouri, Corinne would not back down…

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Interview with Joy Overstreet

Now that we’re well into the summer season—my very favorite—I’d like to introduce you to Joy Overstreet, a color consultant, who utilizes seasonal influences in her work with people around color. Joy is an exceptionally interesting, vibrant woman who follows her infinite curiosity! In addition to work with color, Joy is a writer. She has…

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