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Freedom and the Fourth of July

This weekend, the United States celebrated the 244-year anniversary of its independence. Gone (with one notable exception—at Mt. Rushmore) were the huge gatherings of people watching fireworks displays. Gone (mostly) were the overcrowded beaches and the holiday-sale-stocked malls. Some of us had smaller social distancing bar-b-ques in our backyards. Others watched the exciting debut of…

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Interview With Isidra Mencos

A little over a month ago, I received an email from I woman I didn’t know. Her name is Isidra Mencos. Isidra told me that she had seen my website, felt aligned with it, and asked if she could do a guest blog or be an interviewee. She is in her late 50s and writes her…

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Lead Like A Woman

100,000 deaths. 100,000. 40,800,000 unemployed. Almost 41 million!   Numbers, number, numbers. Relentless, ever-climbing, numbers. They’re like drumbeats that won’t cease. It’s easy to get lost in all those numbers, and sadly, to become numb to them. You don’t need me to remind you of all the stark numbers out there.   So, this week,…

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Interview with Elaine Schreibman

I don’t know about you, but all this social distancing and isolation has inspired lots of personal life evaluation. Thinking about what’s important, what I’ve accomplished in the past, and what’s to come in the future. Please join me for a conversation with a dear friend of mine Elaine Schreibman. We met when I went…

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Let’s Not Kill Granny

COVID-19 incites fear. The mixed messages, the uncertainty, and the tangible changes to life as we’d known it stokes the flames. Unfortunately, when people feel fear, things often get ugly.   Ageism, though not a new phenomenon in our country, has most recently been given a new voice—and new airwaves. I’ve included below a little…

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Do We Have Enough Toilet Paper Yet?

Toilet paper. Toilet paper. Toilet paper. It seemed for a while that the nation’s worry about the availability of TP ranked just below the concern for the ill, the death tolls, and the economy.   One of the unforeseen fallouts of the COVID19 pandemic has been the run (excuse the pun) on toilet paper. The…

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No School is No Break—“Safer” is Not Always Home

When I first heard that schools were closing due to COVID 19—indefinitely—and that parents would have to take over much of the teaching and entertaining, I thought (only half-jokingly) I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Add to that the social distancing regulations, which nixed all playdates and trips to the playground, and the…

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Trust-Even in the Face of Uncertainty

“What a difference a day makes.” This statement is never more true than it is during times of great uncertainty and change.   Uncertainty and change—two phenomena most of us find exceptionally difficult to manage. As humans, we much prefer business as usual. We like to know that what and whom we count on will…

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Interview With Amy Champeau

I met Amy Champeau in Los Angeles. We both came to the Antioch MFA Creative Writing Program post- 50. Amy has had a rich life that informs much of her writing. From a divorce which led to homelessness to a successful psychotherapy practice, Amy has much to share on the page, and to my great…

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