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Interview With Casey Mulligan Walsh

Casey Mulligan Walsh has not had it easy. She lost both parents when she was very young, her brother when she was 20, and then she experienced every parent’s worst nightmare–the loss of a child, her beloved son Eric. How to move on from such losses? “Moving on” may not be the right words, as…

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Interview With Ellen Birkett Morris

What a great pleasure it was to speak with Ellen Birkett Morris! A gorgeous fiction writer and poet, Ellen has recently begun to write essays about her life experiences. Please join us as we speak about being wonderfully “abnormal,” about the huge realization that it’s okay to ask for help when we need it, and…

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Interview With Priscilla Long

It was such a joy to meet Priscilla Long and I’m so excited to introduce her and her wonderful work to you! Priscilla’s recently released Dancing with the Muse in Old Age is a spirited, richly researched,  empowering work of nonfiction. I love Priscilla’s no-nonsense approach, her zero-tolerance for ageism, and her deep respect for…

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When You Look Back, “Look Back with Love”

Anybody else thinking the holidays are coming too soon?   I can’t believe it’s that time again (but it is)! I can’t believe I’m having another birthday (my 62nd)! But I can (and do) believe that there are wonderful things ahead! Here are three things I’m excited for in 2023: I’m editing an anthology coming…

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Interview with Lynne Golodner

Energy and resourcefulness! Those are the two words that immediately come to mind when I think of Lynne Golodner, a writer, entrepreneur and champion of writers who want to move their work forward and get it out into the world. Lynne is a social media expert with a special niche for author branding. Her own…

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Interview With Kristina Saccone

I love when women see a need and take action to meet it. Kristina Saccone is a woman who did exactly that. When Kristina became a caregiver for her mom who has dementia, she looked for books and articles that could provide support and help her navigate what is often be a very isolating and lonely experience. She…

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Interview With Melissa Hart

Melissa Hart! What a positive, joyful woman–and a wonderful writer and teacher who loves to lift up voices that might not otherwise be heard! Please join me as I talk with her about inclusion, empowerment, community, and diversity–all important themes in her middle-grade book coming out this week: Daisy Woodworm Changes the World . Diane: Welcome…

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Catching Up With Memories

Happy October, Everyone!! How’s everyone doing? That’s not a rhetorical question! I really want to know! I’m feeling a little scattered these days. A bit overcommitted—but not overwhelmed. I’ve taken on a bunch of new projects and am excited for them all! Fall is a terrific season to start digging in those heels—and can be…

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Interview With Marian Adams

“Medical gaslighting is real,” according to a recent New York Times article–and to this month’s interviewee, the gracious and courageous Marian Adams. I met Marian through a dear mutual friend Jeanne Stafford and will be forever grateful for the introduction. (you can see my  interview with Jeanne here) Medical gaslighting, or “having one’s concerns dismissed…

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Take Back Your Focus – With Help From Johann Hari

Like everyone these days, I have a lot of things on my mind. But I’m having a hard time staying with any single one. I jump around. I feel unsettled. Distracted. Sound familiar? I see this same distraction in many of my ACT/SAT students. When we first begin our sessions together, I ask them how…

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