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Interview With Nicola Mendenhall

I have spent countless hours “on the couch.” Therapy has saved my life on so many levels, so many times, that I can’t even imagine what my life would look like had I not had therapists to listen, challenge, and guide me as I’ve traveled this path called life. Nicola Mendenhall, an amazing woman I…

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Rush To Judgment

So … I have been really swamped lately—with work for students and work for myself. I put deadlines on my writing, and I haven’t been meeting them. I am thinking it’s part of the syndrome of believing things will take less time than they actually do. This delusion is a real “thing.” It’s called “planning…

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Interview with Andrea Auten

In this magical season of glitter and gifts, of wrapping paper, cards, and mad rushes to find that “perfect” present, there is a place for quiet gratitude. Along with the bare trees, bright stars, and snow-covered lawns—in all the madness, there is peace and appreciation. Appreciation of what we have, a desire to remember others…

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The Gratitude Seesaw

I struggle with gratitude. Here’s the thing. I am thankful. For so much in my life. For the wonderful people, opportunities, relationships that have brought me joy. And for the challenges—oh those challenges—that have propelled my growth.   And I know that when I consciously appreciate all that I’m grateful for, when I speak it,…

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Interview with Isabel Cotarelo

Isabel Cotarelo is definitely an amazing woman over 50! A young artist, full of dreams—and a fellowship—she came to the United States from Argentina when she was in her 20s. Please join me in learning about Isabel’s adventures in self-reinvention in art, family, work, and food! Isabel, a wonderful cook and cooking teacher, shares some…

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You Are Your Own Mirror

Have you ever had the feeling that the Universe was trying to tell you something?  Events in your life—big or small—occurred that you just couldn’t get out of your mind?   They were close together in time and felt confusing or hurtful. In some way, those events felt oddly similar, but you struggled to discern…

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Interview with Marjorie Waterman

I met Marjorie Waterman in a Facebook writing group. When I heard a bit about her life’s journey, I just knew I had to ask her share it in WomanPause. Thankfully, she graciously agreed to an interview! Marjorie is an amazing example of a life-long learner. She has done important work for Job Corps, in…

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Embrace Your Imperfection

If posed with the question, “Which do you strive to be—brave or perfect,” I would guess that most people would answer “brave.” Perfection is not something to strive for. Achieving perfection is, after all, impossible … right?   Right. Perfection is an impossible state. But that doesn’t mean we don’t strive to reach that state—even…

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