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The Superpower of Writing

March 25 was my father’s birthday. He would have been 99! Schaje Fuhrer (you can call him by his nickname—Isi) was a kind, gentle person, with a round tummy and a hearty laugh. Dad had a wonderful sense of humor, loved being a father, and was a feminist—back in the day. He also was a…

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Interview With Karen Solomon

Karen Solomon has been a dear friend for many years. Usually uncomfortable being in the center of things, Karen agreed to do this interview for WomanPause in the hopes she would help other readers. Karen is the mother of two adult sons, one of whom has autism. In our chat, Karen shares her journey–not an…

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Are Your Tarot Cards Judging You?

I pick a Tarot card every day for guidance and inspiration. One day last week, I picked The Sun from my go-to deck, the Hanson-Roberts. It’s a lovely card–naked baby on a horse riding under a huge sun and bright blue skies. I wanted so much to feel that warmth, the happiness, the smiley, innocent…

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Touching Fear–Guest Post with Nicky Mendenhall

When I read my friend Nicky Mendenhall’s December 4th blog post, I knew I had to ask her permission to repost it on WomanPause. I am grateful she said yes. We talk a lot about fear on WomanPause. I often borrow the title of that oldie-but-goodie book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and…

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Interview With Nancy Branka

It was my great pleasure to spend some time speaking with Nancy Branka, author of Employee 6 Is 54 and founder of Startup Decoder, a wonderful online resource. Here’s how Nancy describes Startup Decoder on its homepage: “We’re a community of people who are mid- and late-career working in tech.” At Startup Decoder, Nancy writes…

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New Year’s Revolutions

So … just 4 days ago, a difficult year for the world, our country, our cities, towns, our families has finally been put to bed … and, in its place, another year born.   January 1, 2021 couldn’t have come a moment too soon!!!   This time of year, for me, has always been one…

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Interview with Julie Gray

Julie Gray is a wonderfully dynamic, engaging woman with an amazing story to tell! In this interview, Julie takes us from her California roots and her time in LA as a script reader, to her a deep family loss that led her to her new life in Israel. It is there that she met her…

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Let Them Judge You–Guest Post by Sherry Danner

I rarely put up guest posts–in fact, since WomanPause’s inception, there’s only been one. But when I read Sherry Danner’s post on her website, I immediately reached out. Judgement. A loaded word. And Sherry handles all the implications with such great care, humor … and wisdom. I’ll let her take over from here. Thank you,…

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Interview With Jeanne M. Stafford

Jeanne M. Stafford! What a powerhouse! Facilitator, Improv lover, author—she wears many hats and they all suit her well! Everything she does stems from her belief in the power of YES. Whenever Jeanne faces adversity, she looks to the lesson the challenge presents and uses it as an opportunity to grow—an outlook after my own heart.…

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